Top 10 best Indian food near me

hello guys, today our topic is very special. We are going to talk about Indian food. do you like Indian food?  Hope you like it because it is my one of favorite choice when I go out for dine out. Many friends of mine ask me where is best Indian food near me ? Actually I also went through this questions like how to find best Indian restaurants or hotels? etc

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Top 10 best Indian food near me

  1. Biryani

Biryani is the most famous indian dish among all indian cuisine all around the world. It is call “haidrabadi biryani”. It is famous for its taste and “masala”

     2. Chicken masala

Chicken masala is the curry which can be consumed with bread or rice. If you go to India or willing to go soon in India then you should try “chicken masala” in best restaurant.


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